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Lira Area was taken over by National Water and Sewerage Corporation in 1991. The Water network covers most parts of the Municipality and some portions just outside the municipality such as Adekokwok, Obutuwelo, Ngetta-Dara, Odokomit, and Akitenino (Camp David) Akia, Bala Road. The Population in the Area is about 109,000 of these; the population served is about 67,900.

The sewerage cover is only within a portion of the municipality.


The population targeted 109,000
Served population 67,915
Area Covered 29 Square km
Service coverage 60%
Network coverage distribution only 98 km
Network Coverage Transmission mains 45 km
Length of pipe network distribution and transmission 143 km
Length of sewerage coverage 14 km (5.5 East, 8.5 West)
Sewerage coverage approximately (Area) 15%
Specific Average Length per served customer-water 43 m/connection
Production capacity 261,000 m³/month (8700m³/day)
Total production average 2500m³/day
Storage capacity of the main reservoir at Ireda 5000m³ 


Total raw water abstracted Approx. 80,000m³/month
Total treated water supplied on average 75,000m³/month
Water sold monthly average 69.135m³/month
Specific overall Domestic water average 708m³/day
Specific overall Commercial/Industrial Water average 204m³/day -283m³/day
Specific overall Institutions water average 458m³/day - 692/day
Specific overall Stand posts water average 834m³/day - 1,817m³/day
NRW average 11%


The water treatment plant is located Forty Three kilometers at Kachung waterworks. The intake is further Two kilometers from the waterworks at Lake Kwania, making it Forty five kilometers from Lira town.

Water is treated at the water works and pumped to Agwata Booster for onward transmission to the main reservoir at Ireda. The Area has a pipe net work of 143 Km with a customer base of 5541 water subscribers.


Sewerage treatment takes place at Eastern and Western lagoons located at the Municipality. These are waste stabilization ponds with the Western lagoon receiving most of the flow.

Western Lagoons receive 10,500m³/month (80%) while the Eastern Lagoons receive 2,500m³/month (20%)

The Area has a sewerage network of 14km with 304 customers connected to sewage services.

Lira Urban Water Partnership
Plot 10/12, Maruzi Road, 12
P.O.Box 243 Lira
Tel: (+) 256 481 315601
Fax: (+) 256 473 20111



Lira Urban Water Partnership
Plot 10/12, Maruzi Road, 12
P.O.Box 243 Lira
Tel: (+) 256 481 315601
Fax: (+) 256 473 20111

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