The NWSC stands out as a model utility in the African region because of its exemplary achievements. The water service coverage is estimated at 78.6%. The Corporation produces about 120 million cubic meters of water per annum from 51 water treatment facilities and is distributed through 9,760 Kms of water mains.

In addition, NWSC operates 3 conventional sewerage treatment plants and 27 waste stabilization ponds with a total sewer network length of 556.2Km.

The Engineering Services Directorate is the heart and the backbone of the Corporation, renders asset management, Operation and Maintenance, logistical support, bock mapping as well as backstopping for the 66 towns operated by the Corporation Organization Framework of Engineering Services Directorate.

The Engineering Services Directorate is headed by the Director Engineering Services. It has three Regional Clusters i.e. Central Region - including all gazetted towns within Busoga and Buganda but excluding towns under Kampala Metropolitan area (Kampala, Mukono, Nasana, and Wakiso), North and East Region - comprising of the Greater North and Eastern Uganda excluding towns under Central Regions, and South Western and Western Region including all gazetted towns under Ankole, Kigezi, Toro and Bunyoro. 

The Directorate also includes the Blockmapping unit and Static Plant Unit. Vision and mission of Engineering Services Directorate

The Vision of Engineering Services Directorate is 'To Be a World-Class Engineering Division, Operating and Managing Urban Water and Sewerage Services', and the Mission is, 'To operate, maintain and manage urban water supply & sewerage systems and provide technical support to NWSC Areas in an efficient, economical and environmentally sustainable manner'

Key Result Areas of the Engineering Services Directorate
The KRAs of the Engineering Services Directorate include;
  • Increased water production and 24 hour water supply in all areas
  • Maintenance programs effectively and efficiently implemented
  • Short & Long-term Asset Replacement Plan implemented
  • Non-Revenue Water is reduced to acceptable standards
  • Acquisition and delivery of bulk inputs coordinated
  • Area work plans and financial/ material requests reviewed and approved
  • Improvement of water supply and sewerage systems in the respective Areas
  • Up-to-date Decision Support Systems (DSS) set up, upgraded and maintained
  • Standard operating procedures developed, updated and adopted
  • Sewerage systems effectively and efficiently operated
  • Training needs identified and capacity of operational/ plant staff built
  • Periodic reports submitted to management
Mandate of Commercial and Customer Care Directorate

The Commercial and Customer Services division is the trade promotion arm of the corporation. Within the frame work of the corporate strategic goals and targets, this division's aspirations are to increase in Annual Revenue, efficiency, Reliability and promptness in the billing system in all areas, compel reduction in debt age of arrears, and eliminate suppressed accounts and to improve Response to customer complaints.

Organization Framework of Commercial and Customer Care Directorate

"To be World Class in provision of Customer Care Service and Service Delivery"

"To provide quality commercial, marketing and customer care solutions that will delight customers and enable National Water and Sewerage Corporation attain its commercial objectives."

Key Result Areas of the Commercial and Customer Care Directorate

  • Enhances the NWSC Corporate Image, the customer complaints management system, effective and efficient corporate social mission through the Urban Poor projects.
  • Assesses water demand, affordability, and service coverage and customer satisfaction.
  • Assesses staff skills and rationalization of their placement in all Areas.
  • Ensures, increased billings, increased Collections and growth of the customer base.
  • Debt Management
  • Ensures Improved Customer Care
  • Stakeholder Management and Engagement
  • Customer Complaints Management
  • Commercial Monitoring and Performance Reporting.

Mandate of Finance and Accounts Directorate

The Finance and Accounts Directorate is mandated to develop financial management policies and strategies for the Corporation and also see to the implementation and achievement of Financial Corporate objectives.

Organization Framework of Finance and Accounts Directorate

The Finance and Accounts Directorate is headed by the Director Finance and Accounts. It has three Departments i.e.Projects and Management Accounts, Treasury and Accounts, and Revenue Unit.

''to be a proactive Customer focused Directorate providing world class services in Finance."

'To continuously enhance innovative, viable and value for money operations in NWSC by providing high quality Financial Services'

The KRAs of the Finance and Accounts Directorate include;

1.  Manage projects and accounts
2. Establish systems controls and procedures for financial and accounting systems to achieve corporate objectives.
3. Direct installation and maintenance of accounting, timekeeping, payroll, inventory, property and related procedures and controls.
4. Design, manage and monitor reporting systems to all departments and aid management decisions in achievement of stated objectives regarding revenue, profitability and market share.
5. Prepare statements and reports of estimated future costs and revenue.
6. Direct the maintenance of ledgers, journals, accounts receivable, revenue depreciation, cost, property, operating expenses, insurance etc.
7. Oversee bank work regarding documents, inward/outward remittances etc.


Mandate of Planning and Capital Development Directorate

The Planning and Capital Development Directorate (P & CD) has the role of planning and implementation of capital water and sewerage infrastructure development programmes in NWSC using internal generated revenues and funds mobilized from the Government, development partners and other financing agencies.

The mandate of the P&CD Directorate covers planning, investment analysis and implementation among others. In executing its mandate, P & CD prepares Annual Plans, detail the performance objectives, Targets/Milestones to be achieved including related tasks/ activities to be carried out and the resources to be deployed.
Organization Framework of Planning and Capital Development Directorate

The P&CD Directorate is headed by the Director Planning and Capital Development. It has three Departments i.e. Kampala Water Metropolitan Water Supply Infrastructure Development, Kampala Sanitation Metropolitan Sanitation Services Infrastructure Development, and Water and Sanitation (WATSAN) Infrastructure Development-Other regions. It also includes the WATSAN Infrastructure Planning & Program Management unit.

Vision and mission of Planning and Capital Development Directorate

The Vision of P&CD is ''To be a model of success in water and sewerage infrastructure development', and the Mission is, 'To carry out effective planning and implementation of water and sewerage capital investment programs to ensure socio-economic, financial and environmental sustainability'

Key Result Areas of the Planning and Capital Development Directorate
The KRAs of the Planning and Capital Development Directorate include;

1. Short and long term strategic investment plans and Project proposals for all NWSC Areas developed
2. Budgets and Plans for Capital Investment Projects developed
3. Resources for Capital Investment Projects secured
4. Compliance of consultancy and contractor procurements with the applicable laws and regulations
5. Capital investment programs delivered
6. Stakeholder satisfaction achieved
7. Project Performance Reports developed

Mandate of Business and Scientific Services Directorate

The Institutional Development and External Services Division seeks to share the NWSC success story with various utilities so that they could learn from it and effect reforms their own utilities.

This it does by eensuring timely projects appraisal prior to implementation and advise management on expected viability, effective post-evaluation of implemented expansion projects and advise management on value for money creation and also ensuring that all performance monitoring and evaluation activities in respect to the corporation's performance improvement contracts and programs are effectively carried out in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Organization Framework of Business and Scientific Services Directorate

Vision; "to be a provider of world-class high impact innovative business solutions and scientific services."

Mission; "to provide professional, innovative and customer focused performance enhancement solutions in an efficient and cost effective manner."

Key Result Areas of the Business and Scientific Services Directorate
1. Ensures that a credible operating performance data base is well maintained on key performance indicators.
2. Ensures continuous modernization of the corporation's performance measurement criteria and benchmarking systems to ensure sustained efficiency improvements and internal and external research activities are well conducted in a way that derives maximum value for the corporation.
3. Coordinates information dissemination in respect to recent research and innovative activities of the corporation to both national and international.
4. Ensures that relevant performance improvement programs are properly planned, designed and implemented in the corporation to enhance continuous performance improvements.
5. Effective coordination and implementation of training programs in the corporation and continuous implementation of innovative management solutions to improve service delivery.
6. Effective development and implementation of quality assurance systems in the corporation, risk management is integrated in all NWSC business processes.
7. Establishment and implementation of a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation framework for the asset management system.

Mandate of the Internal Audit Directorate

Internal Audit operates under policies established by the Board of Directors and is ultimately responsible to the Board for its activities. It is however tasked with giving an objective assessment as to whether the internal control systems established by Management are adequate, reliable and effective and reviewing the reliability and integrity of financial and operating information and the means used to identify, measure, classify and report such information.


The Organizational framework.
The Internal Audit division is characterized by a broad scope which may involve duties like management controls over proper utilization of corporation property, safe guarding assets, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations and post investigation to check and report on whether operations and programs are being carried out as planned.

The Internal audit directorate is in compliance with rules, regulations, policies, procedures and good practice.

The Key Result Areas of the Internal Audit Directorate.

1. Proper and prompt accountability for all Corporation funds,
2. Adequate internal controls in place for all key areas of the Corporation,
3. Value for money for all projects and programs undertaken by the Corporation,
4. Adequate measures in place to safeguard the assets of the Corporation
5. Reports to the Board.