External Services

The motivation behind the creation of the External Services Unit was to share the NWSC success story with various utilities so that they could learn from it and effect reforms in their own utilities. The Department sought to do this through; Provision of Advisory Services, Carrying out of Capacity Building/Training and Technical Assistance which includes Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Survey and Mapping, Water Quality Testing/Monitoring, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Services and Billing and Customer Care Management

Our Vision, Mission & Values


To be the provider of world-class high impact innovative business solutions.

Services Offered

Advisory Services
Since 1998, the NWSC has successfully implemented number of change management programs and policies that have improved the customer. The External Services Unit (ESU) provides advisory services by applying these experiences and expertise to other institutions and utilities to provide practical, tried and tested solutions to the operational and management problems. ESU offers tailor made Advisory Services that cover:

Organizational aspects
These include institutional and performance gap analysis, key stakeholder mapping and buy in to support change management initiatives, corporate planning, strategic planning, design of metric and process bench marking programmes, organization restructuring, performance turn-around strategy initiatives, forecasting vision/strategy formulation and implementation to revamp under-performing institutions.

Contractual & Performance Management aspects
These cover areas such as incentive-oriented performance contract design and management, business planning, and design of monitoring and evaluation frameworks.

Management/Operational aspects
These include: Project cycle management, financial modelling, tariff setting and financial sustainability, customer care services/ management, billing, asset management, quality systems based on ISO certification, management information systems and network safety plans among others.
Technical Assistance
Conference Facilties
Capacity Development