sewerage services


  • Provide proof of water connection (recent water bill).
  • Apply for sewer connection (Fill application form and attach 1 passport size photo / company seal).
  • Survey is done and quotations provided.
  • Pay (to any of our associated banks after getting a payment advice slip) and get connected.
  • Protect environment and prevent diseases.
  • Avoid overflows from failed soak pits.
  • Professional maintenance of sewers by our technical teams.
  • Through our call center
  • Using the various NWSC social media channels
  • Use a professional plumber to do your sewer connection.
  • Do not dump solid wastes (diapers, condoms, kitchen towels, etc.) in sewer drains.
  • Do not empty your kitchen wastes into the sewer drain, especially fats/oils.
  • Construct and maintain a grease trap for properties with large quantities of fats e.g. hotels, restaurants, bakeries, etc.
  • Do not construct on top of a sewer line.
  • Do not vandalize manhole covers.
  • Report anyone constructing on top of or vandalizing sewerage infrastructure.