Mandate of Business and Scientific Services Directorate
The Institutional Development and External Services Division seeks to share the NWSC success story with various utilities so that they could learn from it and effect reforms their own utilities. This it does by eensuring timely projects appraisal prior to implementation and advise management on expected viability, effective post-evaluation of implemented expansion projects and advise management on value for money creation and also ensuring that all performance monitoring and evaluation activities in respect to the corporation's performance improvement contracts and programs are effectively carried out in a timely and cost-efficient manner.
Organization Framework of Business and Scientific Services Directorate

Vision; "to be a provider of world-class high impact innovative business solutions and scientific services."

Mission; "to provide professional, innovative and customer focused performance enhancement solutions in an efficient and cost effective manner."
Key Result Areas of the Business and Scientific Services Directorate
1. Ensures that a credible operating performance data base is well maintained on key performance indicators.
2. Ensures continuous modernization of the corporation's performance measurement criteria and benchmarking systems to ensure sustained efficiency improvements and internal and external research activities are well conducted in a way that derives maximum value for the corporation.
3. Coordinates information dissemination in respect to recent research and innovative activities of the corporation to both national and international.
4. Ensures that relevant performance improvement programs are properly planned, designed and implemented in the corporation to enhance continuous performance improvements.
5. Effective coordination and implementation of training programs in the corporation and continuous implementation of innovative management solutions to improve service delivery.
6. Effective development and implementation of quality assurance systems in the corporation, risk management is integrated in all NWSC business processes.
7. Establishment and implementation of a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation framework for the asset management system. Module