The External Services Department was established in January 2005 following a vast reform of internal processes in NWSC. The department has seen the corporation develop its capacity and raise its status into one of the leading utilities in the region. These effective reforms were based on several innovations and short term programmes aimed at improving performance, ensuring quality and efficient service delivery. This led to a rapid expansion of the customer base, reduction of Non-Revenue Water (NRW), improvement of staff productivity, quadrupling of the annual turnover, a change of staff attitude and sustained corporate profit after depreciation.

The motivation behind the creation of the External Services Unit was to share the NWSC success story with various utilities so that they could learn from it and effect reforms in their own utilities. The Department sought to do this through; Provision of Advisory Services, Carrying out of Capacity Building/Training and Technical Assistance which includes Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Survey and Mapping, Water Quality Testing/Monitoring, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Services and Billing and Customer Care Management 

Ten Years down the road, the External Services unit has grown. Aside from being turned into a fully-fledged Department 24 months from its inception, it has been able to widen its client base to utilities in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. The Unit has also set up a state-of –the art training Centre, the NWSC-International Resource Centre (NWSC-IREC). The facility provides modern training and conference facilities to ensure effective and innovative learning.
Following the recent change in management which has ushered in an era of an aggressive drive towards improved performance and effective management among other things, the External Services Department has set out to become a fully-fledged and self-sustaining entity in the next 5 (Five) years while pledging to continue to satisfy the needs of the growing number of utilities in the region and the world over.

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