The water quality Management department (WQMD) falls under the Business and Scientific Services Directorate (DBSS). It has a key obligation to monitor all (NWSC) water production processes up to the final consumer to ensure that the quality of water supplied to our customers conforms to the National standards for drinking water quality. The department also monitors the effluent of all NWSC waste water treatment plants and stabilisation ponds to ensure that they comply with the National discharge standards, hence ensuring environmental protection. The standards used to assess water quality relate to human health & safety during contact and for drinking purposes .Additionally, the department links with other stakeholders to spearhead catchment/water source protection in all areas under NWSC jurisdiction. Furthermore, the WQMD on behalf of NWSC implements projects focussing on pollution control and catchment management. The department also offers water quality external services through the Central Laboratory, where various water and waste water quality tests can be done.


Ensure compliance of water supplied and sewage effluents discharged to the National Standards in all NWSC Areas of operation

Water and wastewater Process control and improvement

 Well equipped and operational laboratories

Provide Laboratory services for external clients

Ensure compliance of bulk chemicals supplied to required specifications

Carry out Training and research









The NWSC Central Laboratory
Plot No. M11/12, Old Port Bell Road,
Wankoko, next to Bugolobi Sewage treatment plant
Tel: 0414315799
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