Research And Development

NWSC recognises Research and Development as a key strategy in line with the corporation's core value of continuously developing and applying creative and innovative managerial and operational solutions. This is aimed at continuously improving operations and ultimately service delivery; a key element in the core business. The NWSC research department is mandated to - among other things - promote research, knowledge sharing and intellectual growth of its staff.
Challenges in the water sector are evolving and NWSC has to keep abreast with the latest technologies in the sector and ensure continuous improvement in its operations and performance. In order to meet this expectation, research and innovation becomes a key driver. NWSC emphasizes action based, problem oriented, demand driven and participatory research with ultimate goal of value addition to the utility operations.
NWSC has the capacity to manage research projects, synthesize and analyze information to inform policy and practice which is vital in the water sector around the region. R&D supports building NWSC's current position both as a regional leader in developing and applying innovative approaches to public utility management, and more generally as a key player within the water industry.
The corporation has built a strong reputation over the years and has contributed to global knowledge in the sector in the fields of management, science and engineering. It is proud of over 20 publications in internationally peer reviewed journals and provision of quality products and services in a cost effective manner.

Research focus

Although research in NWSC has largely been conducted and imbedded in post graduate (masters) and doctoral programs, a number of key resultant findings have been implemented leading to improvements in performance; thus effective service delivery and excellent customer relations. Some of the key tangible research outputs include:

Performance improvement initiatives that have resulted in financial gains and turn around e.g. performance contracting and incentives

Non Revenue Water improvement programs in Kampala water

Innovative technologies that have resulted in improved wastewater effluent e.g. establishment of a constructed wetlands

Improved pollution control systems

Electronic payment and billing systems etc

The major research focus areas for NWSC include:

Water loss control

Energy Optimization

Water and wastewater quality improvement

Customer relations

Innovative management

Collaborative Institutions;
a) Local universities that include: Makerere University, Makerere University Business School, Uganda Management Institute, Uganda Martyrs University, Kyambogo University, UTAMU, Uganda Christian University, Ndejje University etc.

b) International Universities that include: UNESCO – IHE, Institute for Water Education, The Netherlands, WEDC – Loughborough University, UK, PURC, Florida USA, United Nations University, USA, AgroParisTech, France, University of San Diego, EAWAG etc. Module