In line with the National strategic aspiration of achieving 100% service coverage, the proposed project (100% Service Coverage Acceleration Project-SCAP100) will focus on ensuring universal and equitable access to safe water supply by the population in all cells under NWSC jurisdiction by the year 2020.


Monthly Regional Championships

Regions launched their Annual Action Plans for the FY 2015/16, which were prepared within the framework of the Corporation's Strategic Direction, Corporate Plan 2015-18 and the budget 2015/16. Though there has been impressive improvement in the regions and areas performance for the last two months, there is still a lot of room for improvement if the budget and corporate plan targets are to be achieved. Monthly Region Performance (MRP) Championships for each region therefore aims at further improving the performance of the Regions and achieve the set budget and corporate targets. Read more here

School Water And Sanitation Clubs (SWAS)

These were launched in schools to create awareness about water and sanitation in the country through sensitization and empowerment of children of school going age and strengthen stakeholder participation in water and sanitation issues. This is achieved through Poems, games, debates, essays, quizzes, skits, drama, plays, Corporate Social Responsibility, green campaign, twinning, WASH tech innovations, Dustbins, school talks, and hand washing campaigns. This targets school children because they are a critical segment our population mainly because Children are the next adults, leaders and opinion leaders, School children are open to ideas, and Children are good ambassadors because parents listen to them.


The programme places the customer at the center of focus focusing on quality service delivery and customer care. SPOTLIGHT was intended to offer special care to our customers, outstanding service provision, and increasing loyalty of NWSC Staff, goal congruence, honesty of staff, and teamwork.

Arrears Wipeout Campaign (AWOC) and Suppressed Accounts Reduction Programme (SARP)

These were implemented to reduce the level of arrears and the number of suppressed accounts. The mode of implementation entails enforcement of the customer credit limit of one- month bill. The momentum of this program is hinged on an incentive framework that targets a collection ratio of 103%. The collection efficiency recorded as at June 2015 is 109%.

Water community Communication clubs (WACOCO)

The Programme was launched in 2014 to enhance participation and accountability at division level mainly targeting the political and civil society leaders within and around Kampala. Participation is mainly through monthly Division Meetings and it was intended to increase stakeholder participation in NWSC activities. This improved information flow and eased implementation of NWSC activities and service delivery.

The Infrastructure Service Delivery Plan (ISDP) 2014-2015.

The ISDPs are aimed at improving water supply accessibility and reliability. A detailed programme of extensions was identified for implementation in all the NWSC areas of operation. The programme was divulged to stakeholders through the print Media in order to underscore the importance NWSC was taking towards its Vision with action. During the financial year 2016/17, NWSC planned to extend 1,057.38 kms of water mains in all its operational areas and 22.28 kms of sewer mains. Part of the ISDP was the Water Stabilization programme (WSSP) which was intended to improve water supply reliability and service delivery to NWSC Customers through the refurbishment of water production units and other Corporation premises. The Corporation extended 86% of the planned water mains and 74% of Sewer mains.

Water Loss Prevention Unit (WALOPU)

In accordance with 5 year strategic direction, National Water Sewerage Corporation has embarked on full scale growth and ensuring that services are effectively delivered to the community. Kampala Water has experienced tremendous growth within Kampala, Wakiso and Mukono with over 200,000 clients and every month, over 1500 new connections are processed and added onto our clients’ portfolio.

With this rate of expansion, water crimes have increased. There are higher water losses through illegal connections and reconnections, meter by passes, vandalism, meter tampering, and meter reversals. These crimes are projected to increase further if tight measures are not put in place. Read more here

Service Coverage Water Sales  Innovation Team Work Customer Care  Harnessing  resources (SWITCH) Program

The area SWITCH program is in line with the 5-Year Strategic Direction (SD) – (2013-2018) for National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC). SWITCH encompasses the Area Annual Action Plan and mainly includes the Infrastructure Service Delivery Plans (ISDPs) and short-term-high-impact performance improvement programs. 




























The STEP-UP-90 is in line with the 5-Year Strategic Direction for National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC). STEP-UP-90 is a 200-days Performance Improvement Programme (PIP) that includes an initial 90-days step-up period during which the Nwsc Areas will implement high-impact performance improvement strategies and activities to ensure that performance focus and customer service efforts are effectively re-energized. After his appointment at the end of August 2013 as the substantive Managing Director (MD) of National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC), Dr. Eng. Silver Mugisha championed the preparation of the NWSC 5-Year Strategic Direction whose five focus areas include: (i) financial sustainability, (ii) infrastructure growth, (iii) increased coverage for water and sewerage services, (iv) learning and innovation and (v) management of stakeholder expectations. The STEP-UP-90 programme has therefore been developed as part of ensuring improvements in the focus areas of the Strategic Direction.

Kampala Water Step Up 90.

NWSC Areas Step Up 90.

Performance, Autonomy and Creativity Enhancement Contract (PACE)

National Water and Sewerage Corporation successfully implemented three phases of IDAMC programmes with notable efficiency gains at various levels of customer service. Through consultative discussions with key stakeholders, the perceived monotony and fatigue caused by the IDAMC code name resulted in the birth of a new code name PACE; which stands for Performance, Autonomy and Creativity Enhancement Contracts. These contracts were operationalised in July 2011. The PACE operating framework provided for enhancements in terms of incentive sharing amongst Area staff, strengthening of water committees as vital stakeholders towards improved service delivery through community involvement, scientific approach towards target setting and implementation of six months rolling action plans through which the set targets are to be achieved

PACE Evaluation Reports.

Internally Delegated Area Management Contracts (IDAMCs)

IDAMCs were Internally Delegated Area Management Contracts, which were operationalized in all NWSC operating units. They were similar in design and tenets like any conventional management contract except that their arbitration ceiling was the Board of Directors of NWSC, which made it an internal arrangement. Module