National Water and Sewerage Corporation exists due to an act of parliament and other statutory devices. These are in place to govern our activities and streamline our policies. As a government utility, it would be unconstitutional for us to operate outside the stipulated framework. In our commitment to proper service delivery, customer delight, business growth and environmental protection, we are guided by the law of the land. You can view these below 

National water ad sewarage corporation act Chapter_317   Readmore .

The_Water_Act_(General_Rates)_Instrument,_2006_SI_30  Readmore

The_Water_Statute_(General_Rates)_Instrument,_2004_SI_44  Readmore

Guidelines for Protecting Water Sources for Piped Water Supply Systems Readmore

PPDA Act Readmore

PPDA Regulations Readmore

National Forestry and tree planting Act Readmore

National Environment waste management regulations Readmore

National Environment Act Readmore Module