The Government of Uganda through NWSC is constructing the Gulu Water Supply and Sanitation project to serve over 341,000 people in Gulu, Karuma, Kamdini, Minakulu, Bobi, Palenga, Koro- Abili and the surrounding areas.

Following the recent extreme weather conditions in Lira city that left NWSC installations submerged along Lake Kwania a tributary of L.Kyoga and many villages displaced, the NWSC MD,  Dr Eng. Silver Mugisha visited the area to assess the effect of the floods on NWSC installations.

Water is a critical input in preventing the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19 because it is essential for handwashing. The MD of National Water and Sewerage Dr Eng. Silver Mugisha answers frequently asked questions about the preparedness of NWSC to continue service provision,  access to water, coping during the COVID-19 lockdown, the price of water, provision of a free service in the face of costly inputs and he explains why it is important that customers pay a service delivery tariff for a service that is below the cost recovery threshold.  

Following the current rise in Lake Kwania water levels, Lira water works is faced with quite the challenge as the intake structures and road access have been terribly affected. The intake is about 2km from the treatment plant inside the Lake and due to continuing rise in water levels, some parts of the roads have collapsed, there is continuous

Amidst growing concerns as a result of the rising water lake levels and its effects on infrastructure along the shores of Lake Victoria, National Water and Sewerage Corporation’s  Managing Director, Dr. Eng. Silver Mugisha has assured customers that NWSC affiliated infrastructure at the is safe and services will not be interrupted.

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