Amidst growing concerns as a result of the rising water lake levels and its effects on infrastructure along the shores of Lake Victoria, National Water and Sewerage Corporation’s  Managing Director, Dr. Eng. Silver Mugisha has assured customers that NWSC affiliated infrastructure at the is safe and services will not be interrupted.

Dr. Mugisha made the remarks while touring the corporation's water production installations during which he also shared that the corporation has initiated a risk mitigation plan to handle any effects of the rising lake levels on NWSC infrastructure.

"We have assessed all our installations and found them secure and safe to efficiently deliver clean safe water to customers. We have also put in place risk mitigation plans to respond to any challenges that may arise," he said. He went on to express that the occurrence is an opportunity to reclaim encroached nature cover which is very vital for water provision and life.

The General Manager Kampala Water, Eng. Mahmood Lutaaya was tasked with discussing the initiatives Kampala Water Management is putting in place to further protect the installations to which he said that the Ggaba water production team, network engineers, branches and other staff in Kampala water are working around the clock to ensure that customers have water and use it as a tool to fight the spread of COV19 in the city.

He also appreciated customers paying water bills promptly to ease and also fuel NWSC’s mission to diligently serve her customers.  "Customers paying water bills promptly are making it possible for us to produce and supply clean water to the city," he said 


Notably, in an interview with Eng. Lutaaya and the Senior Manager of Water Production-Eng. Andrew Muhwezi, the duo noted the improvement in water quality at the plant.

"We have noted the change in water quality and a slight reduction in chemical use as a result of the rising lake levels that have washed away infrastructure and residents who were polluting the lake." Eng Muhwezi shared

Eng. Lutaaya also brought to light the fact that the team is conducting a study and hope to give management feedback from this situation.

"We are now clearly seeing the effects of pollution on our water production process. The increased levels have also diluted the impurities and contamination in the water. " he shared