Following the current rise in Lake Kwania water levels, Lira water works is faced with quite the challenge as the intake structures and road access have been terribly affected. The intake is about 2km from the treatment plant inside the Lake and due to continuing rise in water levels, some parts of the roads have collapsed, there is continuous

erosion of the generator house foundation, signs of failure (cracks)  for island retaining walls, a floating island that sometimes covers the intake, portions of the access road are now covered with water, the power line to the intake is also affected (6 poles are almost falling down) and as a result power was disconnected. At moment we are operating intake station using a generator.

However, interventions are being exercised to elude anymore damages and maintain supply to the customers. The team on ground reports that, the reinstatement works for the collapsed road retaining wall are ongoing with 100m so far completed, Gabion retaining wall works to raise the intake island and the road are going on, Works to align and support  the power line are also going on and expected to be completed and restored power before the end of this week. Works to protect generator house foundation and intake island retaining wall structure has been completed, construction of a barrier wall to prevent water from entering the pump house has been  completed, works to put a temporary intake pipe, bend fabrication and procurement of submersible pumps is ongoing.