The Government of Uganda through National Water and Sewerage Corporation is constructing a new 240million litre per day in Katosi to the east of Kampala to augment water supply in Kampala, Mukono and Wakiso.

The chairperson of the committee Hon. Kefa Sempanji applauded the management of NWSC for the good job well done in improving the livelihood of the Ugandans through the continuous provision of clean safe water to the citizens. He noted that the purpose for the visit was partly to assess the impact of COVID-19 on the project and to understand the cause of the recent water shortages in Kampala with the most effective response being the Katosi water project.


"I would like to report that we are very impressed with the work that is going on. It's just amazing that all this that we've seen is very significant progress, I think they give it at 68% as  the work that has been achieved over just about the last one year or so. That is very impressive, but also we are pleased to hear the impact that the project is going to have on the great Kampala metropolitan area, in terms of providing water, which is safe and which is healthy for the people of Kampala in the coming years hence making water scarcity in Kampala something of the past.

So I want to say thank you very much, colleagues of National Water and Sewerage Corporation, and I think you are a model company, a model institution of how our institutions should work and I really hope others can come and learn from what national water and Sewerage Corporation is doing and benchmark from them." Stated Hon. Sempanji.


The NWSC Deputy Managing Director Technical Services, Eng. Johnson Amayo said that civil works are over 95% complete. The 55km pipeline from Katosi, Nsumba, Mukono, Seeta, Namungongo, and Naalya to Naguru is over 80% complete. "We are now focusing on electro mechanical and completion by Jan-Feb 2021," he said


The new Plant shall also house a 500m offshore abstraction pipeline into Lake Victoria, a scada system that will be integrated with the existing NWSC installations and a modern laboratory to enhance water quality monitoring and management. Katosi will also feature a mechanical workshop, a compact wastewater treatment plant, a solid waste handling and incineration facility, and a modern staff housing estate with modern amenities and recreation facilities.

Notably, from the plant, water shall be pumped to the new Nsumba reservoirs (40million litres capacity) through a 9.5km bulk DN1400mm pipeline and the water shall thereafter gravitate to Kampala via Mukono - Seeta - Sonde - Namugongo, through a 55km DN1400mm bulk pipeline. The Project entails construction of a 15million litre reservoir in Sonde and booster station in Namugongo. This project also has a component to supply water to Katosi, Lugazi town and the surrounding areas.