The National Water and Sewerage Corporation has completed a water mains extension to serve over 10,000 people in Kararo parish-Kyeizooba sub county, Bushenyi.

The 18kms water mains extension will serve 12 parishes that include; Rwemitoozo, Nkoni, Kichwamba, Nyariyanga, Rwengeya,Kyamacumu, Ryakisire, Kararo,Kyanyamutungu, Kifunjo, Nyakayonza and the surrounding areas.
Bushenyi area manager Eng Francis Kateeba thanked the people of Karoro for supporting the project.
"As we delivered the water mains, the residents offered to dig the trenches for themselves which helped NWSC fast track the project."

He added that NWSC is committed to 100% service coverage and clean water for all in the area.

Kararo LC.1 chairman appreciated NWSC for the extension which is a big relief to the residents.
He shared that the people in the area have been fetching water from the nearby swamps.

Bushenyi LC.5 chairman Mr. Jafari Basajabalaba appreciated NWSC management for the tireless efforts towards service delivery acceleration and water for all Ugandans.

He encouraged residents to support ongoing  water and sanitation projects in the area as one of the key pillars for development and improvement of livelihoods in Bushenyi.

NWSC MD Dr. Eng Silver Mugisha said that the extension is off the newly completed Kitagata water supply project which was designed to improve water supply reliability in Sheema, Bushenyi, Mitooma and the surrounding areas.

"Previously, we used to produce 1.5million litres of water per day whilst the demand for water was over 2million litres per day. 
The new Kitagata system has added over 3million litres of water per day. We now have more capacity to extend clean water and serve more people in Bushenyi, Mitooma, Sheema and the surrounding areas." he said

He added that the corporation is working on a number of water supply stabilization plans, water mains extensions, large projects and sewerage infrastructure across the country to improve access to clean water and sanitation services in Uganda.

Chief guest Bushenyi RDC  Mr.Tibemanya Jolly commeded NWSC staff  for the excellent  service levels in the area. He urged the residents to guard the infrastructure jealously and use the water to improve their livelihoods

He further appreciated NWSC for implementing government programmes and fulfilling the presidential pledge of clean safe water for the people of Karoro.
"I am happy to witness that the pledge H.E Yoweri kaguta Museveni made to his people has been delivered. Thank you NWSC." he said