The PACE operating framework provides for enhancements in terms of incentive sharing amongst Area staff, strengthening of water committees as vital stakeholders towards improved service delivery through community involvement, scientific approach towards target setting

and implementation of six months rolling action plans through which the set targets are to be achieved. 

The PACE evaluation workshop for the North and Eastern Region is ongoing in Gulu at Boma Hotel.


The 4-day workshop kicked off earlier today with the convergence of all 17 areas of this region and a delegation from the headquarters led by the SMOPs Dr. Charles Ekure. 

Also gracing the occasion is the area local leadership led by His Worship the Mayor of Gulu Labega George, DPC Mafundo Emmanuel, Rt. Rev Bishop Onono Onweng Nelson, OC Prisons SP Mucunguzi Emmanuel, Chairperson LC3 Karoo Division Moses Abongo and Chairperson LC3 Layiibi Division Oluba Alfred.

After the opening prayer from the Rt. Rev Bishop Onono Nelson and self-introductions, the area manager of Gulu Mr. Steven Gang gave welcome remarks and shared highlights of what was to be expected from the day's proceedings. 

This set the ball rolling for speeches and presentations throughout the day. 

Union representative Mr. Samuel Masaba highlighted the role of the union in the growth and progress of the corporation. He urged members to endeavor to achieve set targets as this enables the union to negotiate for better working conditions. He also applauded the region for exhibiting good discipline. He concluded by thanking the management and board of NWSC for the recent promotions and scale alignments.

SMOPs Dr. Charles Ekure took to the floor thanking the team for showing commitment by attending in person. He highlighted on SCAP100 noting that the program has led to increased water supply although there are extensions that have been done in areas where the water is not enough. 


"It is important to keep all these challenges in mind to help us plan for  better implementation of this program." He stated.

He concluded by re-echoing the Reverend's call to each one to remain committed to serving the nation and laying strategies to address the gaps in the region.

The chief guest, His Worship the Mayor of Gulu Labega George, thanked NWSC and especially the Gulu team for their commitment to serve the area diligently regardless of the challenges they have met now and then. He applauded them for their efforts in sensitizing the masses, quick response rates and willingness to work with the local leaders in ensuring the area has a constant supply of clean safe water. 

This marked the end of the first quarter of the day at which point the team went for a brief coffee break and resumed with a couple of presentations on the different regional performance parameters