The MD and team concluded the visit to Lwengo, Lyantonde, Ibanda, Rushere and Kamwenge areas. He also engaged with the staff and area stakeholders.

Stakeholder ownership and commitment is important to take the best collective decisions for NWSC and ensure optimized implementation of ideas that arise.

Stakeholders meetings have been held to build consensus and harness views of stakeholders on various aspects of the policy implementation of NWSC in Lwengo District.

The meeting was attended by over 40 participants. These included members of the Kamwenge town council, environment officers, NRM local leadership, the MP Kamwenge, the RDC Kamwenge and local people.

The guest of honor was the RDC of Kamwenge, the member of parliament, Lwengo Constituency.The MD started by thanking Eng. Cathbert, the MP of Kamwenge for always corperating with the area team.

He also thanked him for the pressure he exerts on NWSC to produce results. Relatedly the MD appreciated Hon. Frunk Mwebaze for keeping NWSC to toes to ensure water is extended to Kibaale East.

He agreed that NWSC must show presence in most of the areas by extending water. As a sign of appreciation, NWSC will extend water to different areas of its jurisdiction in Kamwenge.

NWSC requires only 20billion to extend water further to villages, he thus requested the MP to help lobby for more funds to practically improve on the service delivery.

The MD re-echoed that Members of Parliament while raising matters of national importance, need to provide an enabling environment for NWSC to improve on service delivery.

Kamwenge area together with UNHCR has started serving refugees camps and will continue doing so in camps like Nakivale. On the Bigodi and Kabangiru project, MD informed stakeholders that NWSC is working with Water for People to extend water and thanked them for their corperation. Kamwenge was recognised as the only area that has exceeded the SCAP100 target. The cost of water is very low- MD explained the jerrycan model to stakeholders.

He also expressed need to sensitize the public and challenged the managers to appear on radio talk shows to spread the water supply gospel. These meetings have been purposed to adjust programs, plan better and to better serve the people of Uganda.


He concluded by thanking the area manager and his team for the good job done so far however advised against being complacent.