The General Manager Kampala water- Eng. Mahmood Lutaaya met the Luzira Branch staff to assess performance targets made in the previous months and the performance progress as a branch at the cluster level.

The meeting was a cocktail of fun and presentations as different teams stepped forward to make their PowerPoint presentations on Water sales, Revenue Collections efficiency, Billing, challenges and way forward by any other member of the cluster but not cluster leaders and the Branch engineer.


During the meeting, the General Manager emphasized integrity sighting that some staff are soliciting money from customers and using materials picked from stores for personal purposes. He warned against this and advised those involved to stop such habits before it is too late. It's for this reason that he tasked the inventory officer to always document every material that is requested for and sent out. But before the materials are taken, respective individuals should always sign for them then at the end of the month, have a report generated.


The General Manager stated that all operations in territories are responsibilities of team/ territory leaders, such as addressing no water cases, delayed bill delivery, revenue collection and many more. "Therefore you are the accounting officer of your territories," he said.  He as well tasked the Billing Officer, Commercial Officer, Branch Engineer, and Sub Branch Manager to relay their contributions towards growing the business, for which they will be held accountable. 


The general manager emphasized the issue of a benching marking opportunity for teams/territories at a place of their choice for the best territory that would achieve an 80% response rate, 100% collection efficiency, water sales, billing and also resolving of anomalies. He set a target at 100% as a minimum standard for all branches. He further encouraged the Luzira teams to embrace the fourth edition of Customer Connect which will take place on Friday with treasure hunts of comedy vouchers, fuel vouchers, spa vouchers, lunch and dinner packages and many more.


In his closing remarks, the General Manager encouraged staff to work with integrity and appreciate their jobs if they are to grow both the business and also grow in the corporation. If you have any challenges, please don't hesitate to seek for help as we are always there to listen. "Protect yourselves and your families, because their well-being heavily depends on your performance in National water," he said. Lastly, a healthy mind yields positivity, therefore ensure to be part of upcoming activities like, the Kampala water football league that is coming soon, the aerobics that is set to kick off on Thursday from 5 pm to 7:30 pm. it will be fun and encourage your colleagues to join the WhatsApp group and also to come and take part in this health initiative. such activities are meant to bridge the gap between you as staff and top management hence building the spirit of teamwork amongst us.