Water is one of the very important tools in the fight and prevention against the rampant spread of the Coronavirus and it is to this reason that the General Manager Kampala Water-Eng. Mahmood Lutaaya together with Eng. Process Ahabwe from the Monitoring and Evaluation Department concluded their two days inspection of the progress on implementation of the 10,000 ltr water tanks installation affiliated to various branches to ensure reliable supply in this trying period.

The project was arrived to by management after the realization that customers were most likely to face supply challenges compelled by one factor or another during this COVID-19 crisis. 

Management thought it wise to join hands together with other stakeholders like Roofings Uganda and MTN Uganda on a CSR project meant to serve those who may not access water easily, as the cost of leaving seemed to be getting out of hand. 

The General manager-Kampala Water, Eng. Mahmood Lutaaya ensured that he visited every proposed installation no matter the distance. He advised the teams on ground  accordingly and also stressed the issue of buying each 20Ltr Jerrican of water at UGX25. 

The assessed branches include; Natete- Nalumunye upper estate, Kyengera- Kisozi area, Wakiso- Kikookiro village,  Mukono-Kiwugo village, Seeta-Kiwango, Kyaliwajala- Bulindo village, Kanyanya- Kyebando central where cheap and clean water had only been a dream to most of them at such a time. 

Notably, many of the residents in the above areas have either been buying water from those who harvest rain or those who own water taps in their properties and a 20ltr Jerican has been going for between shs.200 to shs.500 depending on the season or else trek a distance equivalent to 1 or 2 kilometers to fetch water from the streams in the nearby villages. 

On hearing the news that National water is a bringing a serve much cheaper than half a "tampeko" of Mukene was a dream come true for most of them,  a lady in Kyebando central was overwhelmed with the good news as she was heard tell her colleague how they will now save more from what they have been spending on buying 20ltr Jerrican of water to top up and buy "Mukene" that will supplement on the Beans and Posho they expect from the Government of Uganda. 

Eng. Lutaaya made sure the gospel of buying 20ltr jerrican of water at UGX25 is very clear to both the residents he found on-site and to the proposed water attendants as he concluded his visit in Kasangati-Nakanaku village.