As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases continues to rise, in Uganda and all over the globe, companies/entrepreneurs are developing creative solutions to halt the

spread of the virus and National Water and Sewerage Corporation continues to embrace the opportunities to partner with Uganda’s biggest names in business with the aim of ensuring reliable and sustainable supply to Ugandans especially in this trying time that sees water as one of the biggest arsenal against the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This comes after NWSC yesterday 7th April 2020 teamed up with Roofings-Uganda Ltd to aid the erection of over 100 public water points to supply water to water-stressed areas of Kampala in the battle against the spread of the COVID-19 virus. 

The partnership with Roofings Uganda Limited will provide short term relief to NWSC customers in water stressed areas as NWSC undertakes the completion of the Katosi Water Treatment Plant. 

Towards the partnership, Roofings Uganda Limited has provided UGX 100 million whereas  NWSC will procure the tanks, construct the water points and ensure that they are provided with water using water bowsers. 

 Key areas bound to benefit from this initiative include; Kyengera (Nagalabi-Kisozi), Wakiso-Kikoro, Mukono-Kasenge, Seeta (Kagala-Bukelele), Kyaliwajjala, Kijabijo, Kiteezi, Kiryagonja, (Bulindo-Kira-Nsasa-Kilyamuli), Matugga-Buwuzume, Bulenga-Ganda-Bulenga, Kyebando Central, Gayaza, Nateete, Upper Nalumunye, Nansana, Kireka-Kamuli, Wakiso-Ssenge, Nansana-Gganda, Namagoma, Mukono-Nakapinyi, Ndejje-Ggangu, Najjanankumbi-Kitiko.

Roofings Uganda Limited CEO Sikander Lalani said that the Roofings group is standing with the people of Uganda during this difficult time. “We are committed to improving the well-being of communities in which we operate, we believe that the partnership with NWSC will improve access to clean safe water and subsequently promote hands washing in less privileged communities.” he said

As billionaire founder of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba – Jack Ma recently put it, “As members of the global community, it will be irresponsible of us to sit on the fence, panic, ignore facts or fail to act. We need to take action now.”

We therefore applaud all taking to the frontline in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic for the wellbeing of all.