At NWSC, we are aware that different customers have different needs and are bound to use our water and services differently. We therefore offer a range of tariffs made-to-order to each customer’s activity, be it commercial, institutional or domestic.

Being able to know and select the right tariff is paramount in order for one to obtain the right and best value from our water and sewerage services.

Our tariffs comprise of;

Public standpipe: This tariff is applicable to individuals who strictly sell water to the community or rather the public.

Domestic: This tariff is a fixed annual charge which applies to residential properties and blocks thus basically homes.

Commercial: In the case of properties being used for commercial purposes such as student hostels, supermarkets, arcades, malls and also applicable in cases of construction, be it a home.

Institution: This tariff complements institutions like hospitals, schools and Government establishment.

NWSC Water and Sewerage rates are subject to annual indexation effective 1st July of every year, to protect it against the domestic Price Index, exchange rate, foreign price Index and electricity tariff (Energy charges).