Greetings and welcome to our official website. We deeply acknowledge that these are unprecedented times, and we want to ensure that all Ugandans have access to our services as reliable water supply and sanitation are very critical now more than ever, so we are playing our part in helping the community in every way possible. From multiple partnerships to aid the erection of 100 public water points to supply water to water-stressed areas of the Kampala Water jurisdiction and working closely with the Government to ensure that recommendations from the World Health Organization are followed and implemented, to making necessary adjustments to our programs to serve you better.

Gratitude to your ongoing support and patience as our various teams work round the clock,  to serve you, is in order. We stand ready to serve. Our core values and goals are clear. We stand together as humanity as we ride this storm.

 Our hearts and thoughts go out to the people who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and we appreciate all front-liners working tirelessly to contain it. NWSC has taken the initiative to put precautions in place to ensure a reliable and sustainable water supply to the people of Uganda and continues to pursue ongoing projects to fulfill our pledge to achieve 100% coverage.