Construction of Katosi Water Treatment Plant and transmission line under the KW- LVWATSAN Project.

The key project milestones included:​

Construction of new Water Treatment Plant at Katosi (160,000 m3 per day) and 54 Km Water Transmission Main from Nsuba to Sonde Hill.

Construction of a reservoir at Ssonde Hill, a pump station at Naguru and a Booster Station at Namugongo.

Construction of the Nakivubo Wastewater Treatment Plant under the Lake Victoria Protection Project - Phase II.

The key Project milestones included:

Construction of a Waste Water Treatment
Plant with capacity of (45,000 m3/day)

Fort Portal Water Production Improvement Project.

The key milestones included:

Construction of a Flocculator, Coagulator, Clarifier and Filter that increased water production increased by 3,000m3/day.

Sembabule Water Supply Improvement Project.

The key milestones included:

Construction of a new intake and water treatment line including; Flocculator, coagulator, clarifier and filter.

Upgrading the distribution network.

Kiruddu Waste Water Treatment Plant (Under Performance Monitoring).

The key milestones included:

Construction of a 300m3/day Wastewater Treatment Plant targeting Kiruddu Hospital and the surrounding community.

Water for Virungas Project – Kisoro.

Construction of new pumping stations and transmission lines at Bukara, Buzeyi and Gishondori.

Rehabilitation of existing reservoirs.

Jinja - Iganga water Supply Improvement Project

Installation of a new 4 Km transmission mains from the Water Treatment Plant to Rubaga Hill Reservoir.

Installation of four No. Higher Capacity High Lift Pumps and a 1,000 KVA transformer.

Overhaul of 6 Filters.

Drilling of seven new production boreholes in
Iganga, Mayuge, Jinja and Njeru.

Construction of two new 100m3 Steel Tanks in
Jinja and Njeru.

Upgrading of Kisoro -Nkanka Water Supply project.

Upgrading of the Water Treatment Plant from 3,120 to 5,760 cubic meters per day.

Laying of a pumping main to supply
Bunanagana Town Council, Muramba and Nyarusinza.

Construction of a 270 cubic meter reservoir at Gishegera Hill.

Extension of Water Supply Services to East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) Facilities in Mubende, Sembabule, and Kyotera.

Pipe Works and Water Supply Stabilization undertakings for the Areas of Sembabule, Kakuuto Town, Kyotera, and Mubende are complete.